Is royalty-free music actually free?

No. Here’s why:

Simple and affordable

The royalty-free business model seeks to simplify the licensing process by eliminating complex backend royalties and instead charging a clear and simple one-time fee. This payment covers the usage of that music track for the life of that project – with no additional charges.

The AudioJungle license allows the music to be used in a single project. That means that if you wish to use the same track on another project, you will need to pay another licensing fee. Fortunately, the AudioJungle licensing fees are very affordable.

License for YouTube, commercials, TV, etc.

The music licensed from AudioJungle must be integrated into a larger project. Essentially this means that the music is intended to be a soundtrack for a YouTube video, a TV commercial, a film, etc.

Why is that voice saying, “AudioJungle”?

Oh, yeah…that. That is the AudioJungle watermark that prevents piracy. When a license is purchased, a version without the watermark will be made available to download.

A few more things…

It is against the licensing rules to incorporate the music into another music track intended to be sold again because the musical intellectual property and copyright still belong to the original composer. For example, you cannot license a music track from AudioJungle, sing a new vocal on it, and sell it as your own. You also cannot repackage it to be sold as another stock item.

For more information, please see the AudioJungle music licensing page.

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