New music: “The Dreamer in Me (Reimagined)”

This upbeat, inspiring and cheerful song with happy vibes, positive thinking, and a hopeful attitude is a completely reimagined take on my original popular version. The positive and happy lyrics can work over a wide variety of projects and the folksy, acoustic approach to this version is very friendly and inviting. The “dreamer” theme works perfectly for projects ranging from …

pzmusicNew music: “The Dreamer in Me (Reimagined)”

New music: “Big Fun”

Fun, upbeat, and energetic rock track with a huge beat featuring stomps, claps, and big drums. Crisp and punchy, this track delivers high-octane testosterone while still maintaining a friendly, fun-loving vibe. Perfect for extreme sports like skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, skydiving, surfing, mountain biking and more. Great energy for TV commercials, fun typography videos, senior class videos, independent films and much …

pzmusicNew music: “Big Fun”

New music: “Corporate Ideal”

An inspiring, motivational and uplifting track ideal for use in the corporate world. This modern and light track creates a simple and minimal underscore for business presentations and corporate videos and leaves plenty of space for an announcer. Listen now

pzmusicNew music: “Corporate Ideal”

New music: “Soft Strings”

A soft, peaceful, and expressive track featuring emotional and beautiful violins. The long sustains, sentimental chords and warmth from the performance make this track perfect for nature videos, documentaries, independent films and much more. Listen now

pzmusicNew music: “Soft Strings”

New music: “Just Be Happy”

A happy, positive and uplifting song with lyrics about happiness, laughter, and feeling good. Catchy and wonderfully motivating, this song is ideal for advertising campaigns, summer vacation videos, children’s projects, party videos, fun YouTube projects, photo slideshows and much more. Listen now

pzmusicNew music: “Just Be Happy”

New music: “Life is But a Dream”

A light, modern and imaginative track featuring minimal pizzicato strings, percolating woodwinds, mellow synth colors, transparent bells, and more. Unobtrusive, yet full of wonder and creative energy, this music track is perfect as an underscore for fresh and thoughtful commercials, corporate videos, projects about technological innovation, travel videos, children videos and more. Listen now

pzmusicNew music: “Life is But a Dream”

Now on iTunes!

In response to overwhelming demand, select songs from my AudioJungle portfolio are now available for personal listening on iTunes! Thank you very much to the many listeners who have been so supportive of my music. Whether through purchasing licenses via AudioJungle to use my music in their video projects, or watching my YouTube videos and leaving encouraging comments, you have provided inspiration …

pzmusicNow on iTunes!

New music: “These Are the Best Days”

An upbeat, uplifting and positive song about feeling good, enjoying the moment, and appreciating all the good things life has to offer. Featuring incredible vocals by Benji Jackson, this song contains happy and joyful lyrics and a great beat. Great for videos involving fun-loving extreme sports like skiing, surfing, skateboarding, biking, parachuting and more. Wonderful for vacation videos and projects …

pzmusicNew music: “These Are the Best Days”