New music: “Hope”

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A hopeful, uplifting and inspiring track featuring light and bouncy marimbas and gentle piano phrases. This track has great rhythmic energy and maintains a happy, motivational and positive vibe without getting too busy, which means there is always space for an announcer or dialogue. Perfect for commercials, wedding videos, fundraiser videos, charity projects, healthcare videos, stories about life experiences, home …


New music: “Groovy Halloween”

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A fun, quirky and playful Halloween track with a happy, retro vibe and spooky but friendly ghostly elements. A groovy beat, vintage theremin, goofy baritone sax, and funny character voices make this track a perfect choice for Halloween parties, children’s videos, commercials and advertising, fun Halloween party dance videos, VideoHive projects and more. Listen now


New music: “I See Colors”

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The perfect photo slideshow song! This sentimental and heartfelt song features lyrics that describe looking back on favorite memories and the vivid, beautiful imprints they leave in our minds. Warm acoustic guitars, tender piano colors, and an uplifting yet relaxed vibe offer the ideal soundtrack for nostalgic memories and reflective thoughts. Listen now


New music: “Inspiring”

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An inspiring, beautiful and uplifting track featuring lush, cinematic strings, a driving beat, and a majestic crescendo that gradually builds throughout the piece. The sense of wonder, joy and emotion this track gives off makes it perfect for inspirational and motivational videos, romantic wedding videos, dramatic travel and nature videos, photo slideshows, commercials, corporate videos, movies and more. Listen now


New music: “Spread the Love”

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Happy and upbeat, this cheerful folk song captures the wonder and joy of spreading the love among family and friends. The catchy, sing-along melody, gospel-influenced harmonies, and light acoustic arrangement are reminiscent of an uplifting and old-fashioned country anthem from an era long gone. Perfect for family photo slideshows, wedding videos, vacation videos, commercials, children’s projects, humanitarian and charity videos, …