New music: “It’s Good to Be Alive”

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An upbeat, uplifting and positive pop vocal song about the joy of living life, the happiness that comes from doing things you love, and the beauty of the world we live in. Great for videos involving fun-loving extreme sports, GoPro videos, vacation videos, wedding videos, graduation videos, and projects that tell the wonderful stories of our lives. Thanks once again …


New music: “Upbeat”

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An upbeat, happy and cheerful track featuring bouncy acoustic guitars, friendly vocals, playful piano, bright bells, harmonica, and a fun groove complete with hand claps and finger snaps. Perfect for commercials and advertising, kids and children’s projects, corporate and marketing projects, funny and charming YouTube videos, dog and cat videos, baby videos and much more. Listen now


New music: “We Can Dream”

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A beautiful, inspiring and emotionally uplifting song about looking towards the future with optimism, freedom, and a love for life. Featuring pure and beautiful vocals by Alaina Stacey, this song is perfect for graduation videos, wedding videos, photo slideshows, walkathons, charity fundraiser videos, and projects with a strong focus on personal journeys. “We Can Dream” has a wonderful ability to …


New music: “Corporate Suite”

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Design your own custom soundtracks. Five different tracks convey a variety of corporate-friendly moods. Edit and link them together seamlessly, in any order, to fit the needs of your project. Let the music follow your vision. No more spending hours searching for music tracks that work well together. Customize the order and lengths of tracks, use reduced versions under dialogue, …


New music: “Creative”

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A minimal, creative, and light track featuring bouncy marimbas and percussive synth colors, uplifting short melodic elements and a fresh, innovative 7/8 feel. Wonderful for unique and inventive commercials, corporate technology presentations, independent films, thoughtful and creative Vimeo videos, projects about ingenuity and innovation, and much more. Listen now