New music: “Christmas”

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Merry, happy and uplifting Christmas vibes emanate from this light holiday orchestral track. The orchestra plays with the classic melody for the “Deck the Halls” traditional carol with some added material to keep the mood fresh and engaging. Perfect for projects needing an innocent, childlike mood that captures the joyous and magical holiday season. Great for advertising, Christmas animation projects, …


New music: “Christmas Fun”

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A fun, upbeat and happy Christmas big band jazz track featuring festive trumpets, saxophones and trombones, an uptempo swing groove and joyful, uplifting arrangement. The jolly and merry “Deck the Halls” melody is passed from different instruments in playful and unique ways while maintaining the sound of classic holiday recordings. The beginning and ending are full of celebratory fanfare while …


New music: “Happy”

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A happy, cheerful and upbeat track featuring bouncy and light ukulele, friendly whistling, uplifting bells, an uptempo beat with hand claps, and clean, simple melodies. Perfect for commercials and advertising, kids and children’s projects, corporate and marketing projects, funny and charming YouTube videos, dog and cat videos, baby videos and much more. Listen now


New music: “Hope”

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A hopeful, uplifting and inspiring track featuring light and bouncy marimbas and gentle piano phrases. This track has great rhythmic energy and maintains a happy, motivational and positive vibe without getting too busy, which means there is always space for an announcer or dialogue. Perfect for commercials, wedding videos, fundraiser videos, charity projects, healthcare videos, stories about life experiences, home …